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Ten Best Photographers 2009 by Who is Who of the
Photographic Society of America

Grand Prix: Slovakia, Gold Medals: FIAP, PSA, FIAF, VOAV, CAPA, FPS, PSS
Other awards: Slovakia, Macao, Italy, Romania, Belgium, France, Austria, Singapour, USA, England
Solo exhibits: Argentina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lituania, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.
Workshops: Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia,
Nagorno-Karabakh, Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia
Jury member of international photographic salons and competitions
Chief Editor of PhotoArt magazine
Chairman of the Czech Federation of Art Photography

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from a Master photographer, Garik Avanesian in wonderful settings in Prague and througout the Czech Republic. The intensive 7 day seminars will focus on the LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT, GENRE and NUDE photography through an inspiring travel experience. The 30% of the time will be allocated to the theory and post-processing workflow and the 70% will be dedicated to hands-on location shooting with Garik!

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